Get To Know The Beautiful Orchid Flowers And Charming

Beautiful Orchid Flowers, Orchids is the growth speed of plants heavily dependent from factor in orchid itself and the environment where the orchids in cultivation. As for factors in affecting the growth of Orchid are genetic factors or types of Orchid (Orchid natural or mixed).

Beautiful Orchid Flowers And Charming

Orchid which is a kind of natural growth and flowering process is relatively slow in the absence of special care treatment. Unlike the case with the Orchid dendrobium orchids like silangan that growth and interest rate process relatively faster. External factors that affect the growth of orchids is a very early morning sun intensity, temperature, humidity, air, fertilizer requirements and the suitability of the place and of the media grows, the air circulation, the attack of pests and diseases of plants.

The Beautiful Orchid Flowers And Charming

Orchids have been influenced beauty flower lovers. Positive impact is obtained because a good effect for the body's health and the environment, a cosy atmosphere and unsightly will obtained by planting and caring for orchids.

Orchid Flowers Picture

classification Of Orchid Flowers

Judging from the growing habitats, Orchid plant epiphyte orchids are classified into terrestrial orchids, orchids, litofit, Orchid and saprofit. Orchid plant which lives attached to other plants but not detrimental to plants that are classified in ditempelinya-epiphyte orchids. As for example the type of Orchid, dendrobium phalaenopsis is (Orchid month), oncidium, cattleya and vanda.

While terrestrial orchids or orchids ground orchid is a type that grows above the ground and requires direct sunlight. Examples of this are the orchids, aranda, aranthera Renanthera, vanda and arachnis. Orchid litofit orchid is growing on rocks and resistant to sunlight. For example: dendrobium phalaenopsis. While orchids growing orchids i.e. saprofit in media containing organic fertilizer or foliage is dry and in need of a little sunshine. An example is goodyera.

Assessment Of The Beauty Of Orchid Flowers

Orchids are flowering plants that are widely popular because of the beauty of color and charm. Often a fan of orchids willing to pay dearly just to get orchids that are rated good.

Assessment of the shape of the Orchid flowers, including orchids roundness, fullness of Orchid flowers and base material flatness:

  • Roundness Orchid flowers are said to be ideal if the edges (sepal, petal and labellum) are interconnected to form a circle with the center point on the mast.
  • the fullness of orchids is assessed by the way how many sheets of Orchid flowers are able to fill in the circle that connects the ends of the petals, the petals and labellum
  • base material flatness orchids can be seen from how far conditions petals, petals and labellum can be put in flat areas 

Assessment of Color Orchid Flowers

the Color Orchid Image

Orchid Flowers which includes three elements, namely:

  1. the criteria for common color Orchid flowers are clear, bright colour, intense and entirely shows harmony and beauty.
  2. criteria for the assessment of colour of sepal and petal is almost the same as the criteria for the General color, whereas the criteria for the color of the labellum orchids must be more prominent than with the color above.

Characteristics of Orchid Flowers

Assessment of characteristics of orchids which include:

  1. dimensions of normal-sized flowers flowers
  2. thickness of orchids that can be touched with the thumb and index finger
  3. surface Smoothness Orchid flowers that when felt like having a layer of wax.
  4. If the Orchid flowers in stalk the more flowers in one stalk quality anggreknya the better.
  5. to stalk the Orchid rated sturdiness of radishes, grow perpendicular to the top, the length of the stalk in tune with flowers, with the growth of the flowers on the stalk position in places that are easy and beautiful view.

So some of the things you need to look at in selecting and planting orchids, care you do will be satisfying when you choose the type of Orchid with the right category. Hopefully our article helpful to you greetings Marcas Flower.
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