The Varieties Of Orchid Flowers You Need To Know

Varieties of Orchids Flower - If you develop the orchid plants then you will get lots of benefits in the form of the moral and material improvements, you will need to know some kinds of orchids that are scattered throughout the country. Include different kinds of beautiful shapes and colors, each flower has a different character with a wide range of treatments. Once you know all kinds of orchids you can compare and know the process of cultivating orchids.

Varieties of Orchid flowers

Brassavola Orchid Flower

Brassavola Orchid Flower

Brassavola types have incredible scent. Even able to enchant you all, white flowers that will cool your eyes. They bloom all year long that will make you dream to have it and biting him at any time. If likened to a pair of lovers who like nobody wants to part ways forever.

Catasetum Orchid

Catasetum Orchid Flower

Catasetum Orchid leaves will yellow and fall cold season, you don't panic and am afraid this is a natural process of a plant. An awful lot of interest in this type of variation so that they can choose and produce many species in the plant and take care of him.

Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid Flower

Cattleya orchid flower has many cultivated menjadic a wide variety of attractive colors and shapes. These orchids have unique spots and interesting as her strength, line and color that touch your insistence on making sure to have it. There are several types of fragrance in this type.

Cycnoches Orchid

Cycnoches Orchid Flowers

Types of Orchid flowers Cattleya tend to have the form of a Swan, why so? Because of the shape of the flower that resembles a goose impressed has the feel of a powerful bird. The male flowers of cattleya has a form that resembles the neck of a goose. These flowers in a single stalk can stick to 30 unique scented flowers.

Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium orchids may have small flowers compared to some orchid varieties, but their multiple flower spikes ensure a satisfying display. Good choices for beginners include the lime green ‘Chica,’ the yellow and red ‘Showoff,’ or the bright pink ‘Frae,’ all recipients of the American Orchid Society’s Highly Commended Certificate.

Cymbidium Orchid Flowers

The structure of a beautiful flower and regularly, making him a prima donna among orchid, the impression of a beautiful Petite fits perfectly into the adulation at home and your garden.

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchids are popular among orchid enthusiasts all ranging from beginners to minded hobbyist. Dendrobium orchids are visible with easily recognisable from the fat body shape. In terms of taknosomi Orchid plant stem type bubbled is called psedobulb. Dendrobium itself is derived from the word Greece consisting of Dendron, meaning tree and bios, meaning life. From the term it can be literary translated as Dendrobium plants that live in the trees.

Dendrobium Orchid Flower Image

Although the term is in fact also could be extended again due to its natural habitat in Dendrobium orchids turns out not only was found in trees but also found on rocky cliffs and desert.

Ascocentrum Orchid

Ascocentrum orchids have a fan pretty much because of the uniqueness of its forms and vibrant flowers. Ascocentrum also popular as Vanda mini because the character of trees and leaves are very similar. Ever so Ascocentrum has a far different posture with Vanda. Ascicentrum has a short stem, which is around 15 cm to 25 cm covered the arrangement of leaves. Ascocentrum orchids transverse double decker leaves forming the letter V like Vanda, however the size is also shorter, which is about 11 cm only.

Ascocentrum Orchid Flower

Ascocentrum feature characters grow monopodial (one rod is growing constantly). Although he is categorized as monopodial but ascocentrum after having a long Rod then it will grow new saplings-saplings from sections of the stem that is ready to become a new family. Puppies-new saplings of yesteryear will form a new Horde with the amount could reach 5 to 10 stems. Ascocentrum also has the nature of epiphyte (stuck to the tree as a patron with plant cirikhas plants did not take food from trees that are plastered).

Such a description of the type of Orchid that can we convey smoga makes you care about the plant life surrounding you. The oxygen out will make your body more healthy and fit. The scent of the flower enjadikan therapy can be healthy for your inner atmosphere.
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