Introduction Of Orchid Flower Plants (Orchidacae)

Orchid flowers, this one plant has a million unique charms, dozens of types that can be used as strength in your life. All over the country, orchids have many fans and are often explored on top of it, so you must preserve it.

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Get to know orchids

In medieval times, orchids have an important role in the method of treatment. Even orchids are often made into medicinal herbs of love. Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is also a member of the tribe of orchids. This plant is used by the fruit. To produce fruit, vanilla must be "mated" by humans, because the pollinator insects are not able to live outside their home region, although now efforts towards the use of insects have begun.

Benefits of Orchid

Serig orchids are associated with expressions of love, luxury, well-being and others. This is what makes many people hunt for it to be used as collections or cultivated in their homes. In addition, in developed countries orchids begin to be mass-produced using machines or human hands, resulting in valuable selling points.

Types of Orchid Flowers

We will inform you about the various genus of orchids that are popular for you to know. After you know it, maybe you will have many considerations for him:
  1. Cattleya, has extraordinary large flowers, but this genus is difficult to maintain so it requires special methods.
  2. Dendrobium, He has a name that is popular and very familiar with his lovers.
  3. Grammatophylum, its members including Grammatophyllum scriptum, also known as the local name of giant Papuan orchids
  4. Oncidium, including orchids "golden shower"
  5. Phalaenopsis, the popularity of its name is still below the dendrobium one type that you need to have is Orchid of the month which has many unique sides and beauty.
  6. Spathyphyllum, often referred to as soil orchid.
  7. Vanda, is a type called cut flower.
  8. More⇛The Varieties Of Orchid Flowers
the explanation above is a little information about the world of orchids, let's together preserve and develop orchid plants to have millions of benefits for everyone. Marcas Flower.

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